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temporary insanity
01 January 2030 @ 11:00 pm
friends only;
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meryl ► ► canadian. nineteen. filipina. shy and quiet but possibly weirder than you. CL is my source of life. collects movie tickets. bubble tea is a necessity every week. green tea -anything is love. occassional fangirling. sing, laugh, dance. horror movie fan. reading books to kill time. park jaebeom is my prince charming with or without his shirt on. dreamer. very random. lazy at times. kpop is my vitamin.

i'm a HOTTEST VIP in the 21st century.
anything else?
let's be friends & play :)

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temporary insanity
13 April 2007 @ 09:27 pm
I ate out with Allen, Ng, Poon and Dennis today at Maki Maki for the first time! It's like an all-you-can-eat sushi place. But it's not all sushi, they have other stuff too. It was soooo cool and really fun since I was with the funniest kids ever.

We called Stella and Steph *coughCOUGHcough*  like a gabajillion times but i think they were having a chat session cause both didn't answer the phone. So we just went on ahead. I got to the terminal first and a minute later, I saw Dennis running toward me (like, whoaa.. creepy =P) I asked why was he alone 'cause I know him and the rest went together but he said that when he ran for the bus and asked the driver to wait for his friends the bus driver said "Oh, too late now. I'm not waiting for your friends." WHAT A MEAN DRIVER! And Allen was just about 2-3 feet away from the bus. So they got separated and we had to wait for them so it set us off the original time plan. I still can't believe that driver.

So when they came, we took bus 26 to Burnhamthorpe and Poon was so fascinated with the long bus so I told him to sit in the middle where it looks like the seat turns around when the bus makes a turn. He was so fascinated. The ride didn't take that long so we got there fine. So we got a seat, and ordered soooo many food. It's surprising to say that I didn't get full right after that. There was actually still space for me to dump more food in. So after all that.... we ordered some more. The sushi and sashimi were reaaaaally good. I could eat that forever. Then, we saw Ng's godmother and before she left I heard her say "Aaron, can I hold your hand?" so Ng reached out his hand and SHE HANDED HIM 20 DOLLARS! MY GODPARENTS NEVER HAND OUT MONEY RANDOMLY! I want his godmother.

For dessert, all four of us got green tea ice cream except for Poon 'cause he ordered Mango ice cream. So it was time for the bill and it was Allen's time to shine so he called the lady and said "The bill, please" or something like that in Cantonese. It was so funny cause the lady actually thought he was Chinese so she started talking Chinese to him and Allen, who's really Vietnamese, just looked and nodded and said "Hai!" LMFAO! THAT'S JAPANESE! So we got our bill....

a total of...Collapse )

We dared Dennis to eat a small slice of white tuna and the wasabi that was with it. The whole wasabi thing. Not a piece of it. But the whole ball of wasabi. AND HE DID! He was spazzing. He drooled. He hit his head around the walls. It was hilarious.